The clearance queen!

So, on my last day here in Gainesville before I actually stay in Deland, I had to go shopping for some necessities, and I brought the girls with me.  Now, I will confess to a love of clearance sales, and I think I’m pretty good at finding the bargains.  Next to my daughter, however, apparently I am an amateur!  While I found a pair of Coach sneakers for $25, she found a pair for $5.99.  If you know anything at all about shoes and such, you will immediately recognize what a bargain that is.


And since she doesn’t really need shoes, and I have worn most of my closed toe shoes to death and will need some for my new job, she agreed to let me have these, as long as I tell my loyal readers how wonderful she is at finding bargains.  Obviously, she is excellent at finding bargains!  How do you like the moving theme there with the boxy backdrop?  My wonderful daughter set that up, too!


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