Packin’ it in

From Gainesville to Deland and back again.  It has been a busy day, but finally, I found the time to shoot a few photos.  The past couple of days have been too busy for even that, so I was glad for those few minutes.  And even though I’m just about falling asleep here at my computer, I had to write a bit.

All day long, I’ve been singing “Last Morning” to myself, even though it really wasn’t the last morning at all.  It feels final, moving to a new place, even knowing that I’ll be back almost every week.  And of course, Gainesville is hardly the gritty city from the song, but it feels like the right song for a day of moving.

It also just felt right to go down to the lake.  It’s one of the things I will miss the most about Gainesville (no, not counting family and animals of my own), so even if you have seen it a million times, I had to snap a few shots of the lake and its surroundings.  I hope you don’t mind too much, seeing it all again.  Even my little gator came out to say goodbye!


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