Can I sail through the changin’ ocean tides?

There are going to be some huge changes around here very soon.  I have finally found a job, and it’s one that should be a pretty good start to my career.  So, as if that weren’t big enough, I will also be moving, because it’s just a little too far away to commute.  Like about 100 miles too far away.

Of course, things can’t ever be quite all good.  Most of my family will stay behind, because they want to finish school where they are.  I will take MJ, because she is just starting high school, but everyone else will be staying behind.  That’s going to be really hard for all of us, but I hope it will be worth it.  Fortunately, it’s close enough that we can go home on weekends, but it’s not ideal.  I will try to keep up my blog, but it may end up having to be reduced a bit.  We’ll see, because it would be fun to explore my new city here.

But, but, but, I will be 30 minutes from the beach!  It has been very hard living in Florida and being so far from a beach, so I’m incredibly excited about that.  As you can see by now, I have already been to the beach, because I had to after a day of interviewing and apartment hunting and filling out a million papers.  My blog may have a few more beach shots in it from now on, which may be a little more touristy than I really anticipated when I started, but I hope you don’t mind too much.

This is a really cool beach.  I’m not sure of the name of this particular stretch of beach, but it’s close to Daytona Beach, which is one of the very few beaches that you can actually drive a car on.  The sand is really hard packed, but doesn’t feel hard to walk on.  The only other beach I’ve been to that felt like this is in Sarasota, but you can’t drive on those beaches.  Nobody wants to risk oil stains on a white beach!

Just before we got there, it was pouring rain, but it stopped long enough to let MJ swim.  She was in heaven!  The water was still warm, although it was a little rough today.  I’m not sure if this is some extreme outer bands of Isaac, or if it’s just Florida rain, but it was pretty intense.

Of course, that intensity makes for some incredible photo ops.  The blue-grey sky against the green-blue sea streaked with white was overwhelmingly beautiful.  I took over 300 photos today, and would have loved to put about 200 of them in here.  Of course, I don’t have that much time, or space, so I am only including my absolute favorites.  Some of them include shots of people.  Most of those people, I do not know at all.

Like these people sitting in their red chairs, just out of the surf.  That red is just the perfect accent to the blues of the beach. isn’t it?

And this mother dancing with her baby.  That baby was all smiles, enjoying a fantastic day at the beach.  If you didn’t know it yet, I’ll let you in on a secret.  Overcast days are often the best for the beach.  Fewer people, cooler weather, wilder waves, all make for a nice experience.

The people walking under the bright blue umbrella?  Never saw them before in my life, but I love their umbrella, which somehow manages to be a monochromatic pop of color.  Does that even really make sense?

Oh, and one other huge thing happened today!  This was the first day in about 30 years that my husband walked barefoot in the sand!  For so long, he had to wear a brace on his right leg, and it was impossible to wear without shoes.  He finally had it amputated last year, which meant that he could actually take off his shoe and walk along the beach.  He had to use his crutches, since the C-leg can’t handle the sand and water, but he walked barefoot!  I can’t imagine 30 years of wearing shoes.

Some trick of light made the whole beach seem liquid blue from certain angles, making the building look as if they were floating.

Speaking of buildings, who can resist the classic down the beach shot that shows the marvels of nature abutting the marvels of man?  There’s a real beauty to beach architecture, even when it isn’t done by a starchitect.  There is an understanding of the lines that are needed in a marine environment, a way of building that allows some freedom to play.  Part of the beauty is undoubtably in the freedom of form that concrete offers, but even the very regular buildings have a je ne se quois to them.

By now, you probably know how much I love reflections.  Beach architecture reflected in the wet sand may well be my favorite thing in the world.  Even more than my lake.

Well, except maybe skies heavy with wild weather hovering over a churning ocean.  That may be my favorite thing in the whole wide world.

And just in case you couldn’t figure out which direction the weather was headed, this cloud made a nice arrow to show the way.  We probably should have heeded its warning and followed the arrow a little sooner than we did, but what’s a little more water when you’re at the beach?


13 thoughts on “Can I sail through the changin’ ocean tides?

    • That’s ’cause of all the tourists out there!
      It’s so true, though. I think you just put it off when you live near it all the time, because it will always be there tomorrow. When I lived in the DC area, it was the same about the museums. People who live there almost never go to them.

  1. Congratulations on your new job and a new challenge! I look forward to pictures of your new surroundings once you have settled.
    I too wanted to be closer to a beach while living in GNV but then again nature and wildlife made up for it quickly.
    Now I do live closer to the sea and yet prefer the parks 🙂
    Anyway, I wish you the best for your move and a new ecxiting start. Enjoy it!

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