Have I told you yet this week how much I love wild storms?  Every time there is a storm out in the Atlantic, or in the Gulf, I hope for crazy weather.  Not too bad; I prefer never to live in a town full of blue roofs again, but a little wild.  Rain, and wind, and thunder loud enough to make you jump.  Something to make you feel like you’ve lived through a thing worth telling about.

TS Isaac is on his way into the Gulf right now, and even though we are hundreds of miles from the eye, we’re getting a few clouds, and just a little bit of wind. Of course, I had to run down to the lake to check it out and see the water kicking up a bit.  It feels wonderful out there, with a good breeze and just a light sprinkling of rain.  Looking at the expected track, this may well be as bad as it gets here in Gainesville, but we will probably get a lot of rain, with maybe a little more wind.

Gainesville is a bit of a tease when it comes to storms.  We’re in Florida, so there are a lot of them that come close, but we’re as far inland as you can get in Florida, so none of them really hit us.  I still get excited when they’re close, and like a good Floridian, I stay glued to the Weather Channel, analyzing the track along with Dr. Steve Forbes, and watching Jim Cantore to see where he goes, while really knowing that it’s Mike Bettes who gets sent to the worst of it.  When I don’t like what the Weather Channel says, I head on over to and read their reports, and look at all the computer models and choose my favorites.  It’s gotten so ingrained in me by now that I would probably do the same thing even if I were living in Iowa.

The Weather Channel isn’t saying anything about Gainesville for this storm, so I don’t expect much.  However, I can see the imagery, so I am anticipating some storms tomorrow.  Some lightning and thunder, and endless rain.  I might not get a real tropical storm, but I’ll make the most of it anyway.

For those of you who might really get hit, stay safe, and don’t go driving trucks over bridges in high winds.



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