Looking up

I was sitting at the table working on trying to print some portfolio pieces tonight, when I looked up and saw a beautiful pink light glowing through the upper window.  Suddenly remembering that I had not been out for a shoot today, I ran to get my shoes and camera, but by the time I did, the gorgeous light was gone and it was just a little darker than I wanted it.

It’s a funny thing how it can seem pretty bright outside, but it’s too dim to take the shots you want.  Our eyes adjust to the light, so we don’t notice the darkness quite as much as a camera does.  I took most of these shots with the aperture wide open, but there were still a few that were ruined by a long exposure.  I could have set the ASA a little higher, but again, doing that loses some of the focus.

My most successful shots today were when I looked to the sky.  I love that the clouds in this shot follow the tree line.  The sky itself was unusual tonight; it was bright blue, but covered with clouds.

When I turned away from the lake, the sky was streaked with pink, just showing through the trees.  And although my printer never did print the portfolio pages well, I am taking the beautiful sky as tidings for good things to come.


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