Keeps rainin’ all the time

That drought I complained about a couple of months ago is gone, gone, gone!  Maybe a little too far gone?  It rained and rained today, keeping poor MJ off her bike and me from getting out with my camera during the day.  The Fluffy Cat thought he wanted to go outside, but when I let him escape, he discovered that he really didn’t want to be out there.

The rain finally let up some, allowing me to go out and snap some shots while it was still all grey outside.  Raindrops on the cedar tree are one of my favorite things to see, so I had to take a shot or two of that.  And the banana tree, which was so vibrant on this grey, grey day.

Of course, I had to walk down to the lake to see what was going on there.  Along the way I noticed that several neighbors had blue tarps over their roofs, which indicates this was a little more than a simple rainstorm.  The lake itself was further indication that this was a pretty serious storm.  Back in June, the edged of the lake was down to 14′, which is very low.  Last time I was at the lake it was just below 17′, which is normal.  Today, it was almost at 18′, which is very high.  It takes a lot of rain to make a 4′ difference in water levels!  Hopefully lots of it is trickling down into our aquifers.  They need it!


No alligators made an appearance today, but I was so fascinated by how far the water was creeping up that I hardly cared.  I went traipsing through a few yards (or maybe common areas, I’m not sure), taking photos of the water-soaked lawns.  Those trees are usually on dry land, and so is that grass!

The flowers around the neighborhood were all looking battered, so I didn’t get to capture their beauty today.  Flowers are so pretty in the rain, but then, so are palm fronds.


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