Back to school cake

I will never make it as a food blogger because I always forget to take the process pictures.  Today was a little more challenging than usual, because it was pouring and dark out and there was not really enough light coming in the window for photography.  I could have turned on a light or two, but I hate what that does to photos.  So, the photos aren’t as crisp as I would like.

Today was the first day of school for the kids, so I had to do something to celebrate it, and since I have been dying for an excuse to make a chocolate cake with That’s the Best Frosting I’ve Ever Had from the Tasty Kitchen.  I discovered this frosting when I had made a cake but had no confectioner’s sugar and was a little worried about it because it has a cooked milk and flour component that just sounded odd.  Boy am I glad I tried it!  It’s really, really fluffy, and tastes like the filling for a snack cake, but better.  It’s kind of fun to make, too, because the milk and flour mixture starts out looking like it will never thicken, then suddenly, it all comes together, kind of like when you make cream puffs (if you’ve never made cream puffs, do it now!).  I added some peppermint flavoring tonight, along with a little food coloring, because peppermint is just about my favorite thing in the world, and it’s even better on chocolate cake.

The cake is the Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate cake from the back of the box.  It’s a nice go-to cake, easy to make, no unusual ingredients.  I used cocoa powder instead of flour to dust the pans, which keeps the cake from having white streaks on it.  It was a fantastic combination, just right for a minor celebration.


7 thoughts on “Back to school cake

  1. looks yum! 🙂 I’ve used that kind of frosting before for red velvet cupcakes. So awesome, probably my favourite frosting. I like the second photo, the cake looks mysterious haha.

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