Today I was over at Butler Plaza, the sprawling strip mall of Gainesville where you can find anything you want, when the sky darkened with the threat of rain.  Well, of course, what else was there for me but to pull over into the overgrown area behind the plaza, where it looks as if a housing project has been abandoned.*

As the clouds gathered behind the NO TRESPASSING sign, the palm trees waved their welcoming fronds, and I went off to see what I could find.

Before I got too deep into the overgrowth, I came upon an oak tree that had been shorn of most of its branches, which were lying about in upside down heaps of twisted limbs, mysterious and fascinating.

At some angles, it looks as if creatures are dancing among the limbs, cavorting in a wild dance.

But as I drew in closer still, the only figure among the limbs was a camouflaged lizard, hiding away, and hoping not to be seen.

Then, stepping back, the tree itself in view, a Halloween tree, dead against the threatening sky.  Branches clipped of greenery, naked against the sky, the tree stands, waiting.

My no-Photoshop rule is killing me here; I really, really want to lighten the on the left tree just a tiny bit and increase the highlight on that branch, but I refuse to go down that slippery slope.

*A quick google let me know that this area is actually being planned as a shopping village.  The plans were approved in 2010, but there does not seem to be an awful lot of movement toward completion.  The Neighborhood Watch signs were not explained in the very few lines I read, either.


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