Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Being influenced by advertisements is the wrong way to watch what you eat.  Yesterday I saw a picture of Cinnabon’s newest creation, the Pizzabon.  I’m not a fan of Cinnabon at all, since I can make better cinnamon rolls myself easily, but Pizzabon looked interesting.  So, of course, I had to ignore the fact that I’m trying to lose a little weight and I’m trying to get faster at running, and tonight, I had to make Pizzabons of my own.  They are so, so wrong, but boy do they ever taste right!

I made a big pan of them, then put different toppings on different sections, so there were cheese ones, then bell pepper, then bell pepper and pepperoni, and finally pepperoni at the other end.  Personally, I think bell peppers on pizza are wrong, so I stuck to the ends.

They didn’t last long, so I guess they were a success.  Next time, I am going to do a garlic spread, though.  There was something just a little wrong with them not having that savory garlicky filling.

And I somehow wrongly didn’t take pictures of the process, so there’s plenty wrong with this picture.  Maybe I’ll do it again someday and write down some sort of recipe for you to make them as well.


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