Urban oasis


Over the last few weeks, I have been absent quite a bit, many times failing to produce a daily blog.  I think of this as a place to look for the silver linings and to say only good things, and I haven’t felt much like doing that lately.  Months of searching for a job and coming up empty have left me angry and frustrated, and in no mood to enjoy things.

While I do have a few prospects, I still haven’t found the position I’m looking for, but I’m trying to get back to my blogging if for no other reason than it gives me a positive way to spend my day.  Going out and taking photos and writing about what I like gives me a break from constantly checking all the job boards and crafting cover letters and tweaking my resume to show a little more or a little less experience, trying to find the perfect balance between looking old and looking inexperienced.  It’s always possible that I have sent Resume E to the person who would be impressed with Resume N, or Resume A to the one who would have liked Resume Z, and I will never know that.  But I can write my blog, and ignore the frustrations for a while.


Today took me to the Frisbee golf course, where I wandered about admiring the dragonflies.  These odd creatures fascinate me, with their many colors and their weird shapes.  I am sure that helicopters were designed after these flies, especially the tourist ones with the large bubble windows.

I suppose one of my favorite things about them is their diet.  Dragonflies eat other bugs, like mosquitoes, and that makes me happy.  Have I mentioned yet today how much mosquitoes like to feast on my blood?  Apparently, I have just the blood they need, and they know it from a mile away.  So when I find something that likes to eat them, it really cheers me up.


As a photography subject, dragonflies are wonderful.  They flit around enough to give a little bit of a challenge, but they alight on things like flowers or blades of grass, and sit still long enough to be photographed before flitting off again.

They choose nicely scenic places to live, too, like retention ponds full of flowers and lily pads.  It helps to have a nice background to photograph them against, so that even if they don’t stay still, you might end up with a water lily bud waiting to bloom.

Or even a Louisiana heron seeking lunch.


6 thoughts on “Urban oasis

  1. Beautiful shots! Dragonflies fascinate me too and you caught such a variety. And a beautiful shot of the heron too. I don’t think there are many experiences (short of serious health issues) that are more grueling and potentially discouraging than looking for a job. And all those cover letters and resume revisions are so frustrating. I’m so glad you got back out with your camera, though. I really enjoy your posts. Keep the faith. The right job may be the next resume you send.

    • I hate self-employment. For me, the most difficult part of the job search is the self-marketing, and when you’re self-employed, that’s what you have to do ALL. THE. TIME.

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