Summer’s end


Somehow the end of summer is approaching quickly and it seems like it’s coming too soon.  I really noticed it tonight when I went out and realized that there is something different about the light tonight.  There is a softness that wasn’t there just last week, and the gold is a different shade than it had been.  It s a beautiful light, but something in it made me sad.

That’s an unusual reaction for me to the end of summer, since autumn is one of my favorite times of year.  I love the cooler weather, the crisp apples, and going back to school.  Maybe that’s why this year feels a little sad; I won’t be going to school this year.  There is also a feeling that the summer has not yet really started.  Sure, it has been hot here, but not as intensely hot as usual.  Meanwhile, the rest of the country was getting more summer than they ever wanted.  It feels backwards that Chicago has had 100 degree days, but Gainesville, Florida has not.

The changing light is not the only sign that fall is quickly approaching.  At the lake today, there were leaves dotting the water.  Not because of a storm that has blown them down, but simply because they have reached the end of their days and are beginning to drop off the trees.  That always makes me a little sad here, because I am reminded that we will not get the brilliant colors that our northern friends do.  A few trees will change, some will briefly blaze red or yellow, but many will remain green, or simply go straight to brown.  The leaves drop slowly over the course of several months, stretching from sometime around now until sometime in early spring or late winter.  I am hoping that these early leaves signal a cold winter this year.


10 thoughts on “Summer’s end

  1. The sun shining through the hibiscus is lovely!! And you’re right… We’re noticing the lengthening shadows. Love it, though. More hiking for us. 🙂

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