The road ahead

This appears to be my week to wax metaphoric or something like that.  Really, my intention when I ran out to the road was just to capture the sky a little more openly.  But of course, the cars and the road and the sunset and the clouds all conspired to make me think in a philosophical kind of way.

These photos were taken within seconds of each other (okay, maybe minutes), in the same place.  The only difference was my attitude (haha, yes, a bit of a double entendre there, although not of the sexy kind).  Looking north, I could see dark storm clouds looming over the road, but to the south, the clouds were lit with golden light.  Seems like a metaphor for life to me.

And then there’s the light through the forest.  A little bit of a mixed metaphor, perhaps, but it works for me.  If you’re really looking for me to draw ham-fisted conclusions, you’re looking in the wrong place.  I’ll leave you to apply these to your own life if you choose.


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