Shades of green

The rain today brought out all the green in the world, brightening the leaves and shining up the grass.  Water hung like jewels from green leaves and spider webs.

Down by the lake, the trees framed views of rain-splattered water.  Boats hung about unused, high up on the land where the wet doesn’t reach.  A touch of red peeks through the palm fans, a kayak waiting for a sunny day.

Stripes and hearts rest against a resting boat, a riot of green that speaks of love.

Closer to the ground, the hearts themselves twine around the green of the boat.

Back home again, the banana leaves glisten with rain, offering protection for those who seek it.


4 thoughts on “Shades of green

  1. Utterly luscious! We are at the height of winter and everything is bare now. Won’t be long and the spring bulbs will start to do something. We have a glimmer of sun this morning. Precious. You come to really appreciate it in the winter months.

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