Duck, duck, GOOSE!

Somehow, for some reason, escaping mosquitoes seems to send me toward the water.  Today was no exception.  I was smart enough to stay away from the trails, and I didn’t go late in the afternoon, but I went to the water.  The Duck Pond, to be exact, which is actually part of a creek and not really a pond at all.  But it is what the neighborhood is named after, and it does have ducks.

In fact, it had ducklings!  It might be pretty hard to find anything cuter than ducklings.

I thought by this point in the year, they would be pretty much grown up, since it’s been months since the other duckling post I wrote.  But when I got to the pond, there they were, paddling around with their very proud-looking mama.

These are Muscovy ducks, a mostly domestic breed, and the only kind I’ve really seen around here.  I looked them up to see if the color differences were due to gender, but I didn’t get past the discussions of vent sexing, so I can’t tell you.


As a Make Way for Ducklings lover, I was a little surprised to see turtles in the duck pond.  The ducks in that book looked all over Boston to find a place where their ducklings would be safe from turtles, but I guess these ones are big enough now for the turtle to leave them alone.  And while the ducks can make it up the stairs to get to their nests, the turtle might have a bit of trouble doing so.

It isn’t just ducks in the duck pond, though.  As I was walking around the pond, I saw a GOOSE!


11 thoughts on “Duck, duck, GOOSE!

  1. Beautiful ducks and ducklings. I hope the babies stay safe. I am thinking about them going up the steps to safety. What a lovely image to hold in my mind!

      • Yes that would be nice wouldn’t it. When I worked in a primary school, we hatched some chicks and ducks one year. As the ducks were growing, and they grow very quickly, we used to put the children in a circle on the floor, with the ducklings and a bowl of water, with a ramp, in the middle. We were expecting the ducklings to be interested more in the water than the children, but no it wasn’t to be. What they really wanted to do was to play with the children’s shoelaces. They went round and round the circle, trying to untie the shoelaces. I suppose they thought they were something tasty to eat.

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