A single rose

In my efforts to escape the murderous hordes of mosquitoes, I stayed very close to home.  Since my vegetable garden is looking awful these days, and is mostly dead, and my mojito garden didn’t show up well, I have for you, my dear reader, a single rose.  This is from my wildly growing rose that greets me every time I pull into the driveway, and gives me an instant dose of cheer.  My husband is threatening to cut it back because he thinks it is growing too big.  I think that’s just silliness, because it is wonderfully bushy.  How can there ever be too many roses?

And with that I had the wonderful thought of planting acres of roses and starting up a bee farm.  Yes, I know the proper term is apiary, but bee farm sounds so much nicer.  And rose honey would have to be the nicest thing ever!


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