I want to ride my bicycle!

Gainesville prides itself on being a bike-friendly city, which means it is a bike-store friendly city.  Most of the bike stores are local, which makes it pretty easy to support a local business when you’re looking for a bike.  Of course, I have my favorite.  Not that I’m really much of a biker; I love the idea of riding, but I’m a little scared of the traffic near my house.

But my kids have bikes, and I used to have a nice one before it was stolen.  Several of them were bought at Bikes & More, which is where all the maintenance that my husband can’t do is done.  They guys there are always helpful, always knowledgeable, and they always have bikes that I want in stock.

Not that I can buy those bikes that I want.  In fact, most of them are not bikes I could reasonably ride.  I still love looking at them.  Racing bikes with brightly colored wheels are my weakness.  Maybe if I really train for a tri one of these days, and really like it, I can save up for one of those beauties.


The bikes that are more up my alley are the ones they keep outside during business hours.  These are usually hybrids; comfortable bikes that aren’t too terribly slow.  Sometimes they have other bikes out there, like two-seaters or three-wheelers.  I love seeing the rows of bikes outside, which always make me want to take up riding!


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