Nothin’ to see here, folks!

Well, somehow I left my camera in the car that I let my son take for the afternoon, so I have no photos to show you, which is a shame, because this evening’s light was fantastic.  I even thought of skipping my post for today, but I just saw one of the most amazing things ever, so I’m writing anyway.

While I was out walking Sadie, there were stars shining in the sky above us, but to the sides, there were clouds filled with lightning.  Every few seconds, one cloud or another would light up, but I could still see the stars.  It was like there was a hole in the clouds just for us.  It was hot, yes, and muggy, but beautiful.

We went once around the block uneventfully.  Sadie wanted to bark at a neighbor, but managed to keep quiet when I told her to.  She wanted to chase the cats, but looked up at me and I said, “walk,” so she did.  The second time around, the same neighbor and I finally introduced ourselves.  Sadie was pretty good about staying quiet and just gave one little growl.  She’s working very hard to be a good dog.

We went on our way, turning one corner, then another, then suddenly, Sadie stiffened and I saw it!  Standing still as a statue, in the front yard of a home that is being sold, a deer was watching us!  Sadie wanted to chase, but I got her to sit and we watched the deer for a few minutes.  The deer never moved, so we stood up and I had Sadie walk very, very slowly to see how close we could get.  She didn’t want to walk slowly, she wanted to chase, but she is working very hard to be the very best dog ever.

We got quite close before the deer turned and ran to another yard, then bounded off into the construction zone.  I’m only sorry that I didn’t at least have my phone camera to capture it.


10 thoughts on “Nothin’ to see here, folks!

  1. Stars and a deer on the day you don’t have your camera, huh? 😦
    This is how it happens most of the time, when I don’t have my phone (also camera) on me or I can’t stop to take pictures because I am on the road or something, the best things just magically appear!

    • Oh, I know! I’ll go out searching and find something nice, then go to the grocery store or something without my camera and there will be something I hoped to see on the trail.

      • Yeah, that or when you are on a rush. Just today, I looked up and saw something very nice regarding a tree and the sun, but I couldn’t take a shot because I had to leave with other people. Don’t you just hate it when other people don’t appreciate your sudden need to stop and snap a few shots?

      • Yes, I do! Especially when it’s like today and they went out with me specifically so I could have quality time with my camera!

  2. Oh its ashame you didn’t have your camera, it sounds to wonderful. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to see the deer again. It all sounds like one of those rare and special moments.

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