Double beauty

Today, I set out to wander a trail with my son.  The weather wasn’t too hot, since there was a little bit of cloud cover, so I was really looking forward to the walk.  However, within seconds of getting out of the car, a cloud of mosquitoes engulfed me.  I was going to keep going, but the boy took one look at the mosquitoes that weren’t bothering him at all, and told me I had to get right back to the car before I caught malaria.  Poor boy has not gone on many walks with me, or he would know that I am a mosquito magnet.  I can’t pay much attention to them, or I would never be able to go anywhere at all.  He attempted to take a photo, but it is much too blurry to see the bugs.  When I got into the car, I could not shut the door fast enough to keep them out, so at least 20 got in the car with us.  He killed the last one as I pulled into the driveway and saw this pretty little double rose.  Or maybe it’s two roses so close together you can’t tell which is which.

I wonder if I could avoid the mosquitoes by going out in the morning . . .



4 thoughts on “Double beauty

  1. Poor thing…. yikes….. I think Off has come out when some nice repellent that is not sticky and does not smell. Have you checked to see what repellents are out there. Pretty picture.

    • Oh, I have no problem with the smells, but nothing I have tried keeps the things away. Today I was completely coated with Cutter, but they still came after me.

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