Magenta moods

Wandering around my neighborhood today, I kept seeing magenta.  The brilliant color popped beautifully on this slightly soggy Sunday when nothing much was going on.  No gators or otters playing in the lake, no hawks sitting in the trees, and no more tomatoes to harvest.  But this little crepe myrtle was blooming brilliantly against an oak tree.  I have been trying to get decent pictures of crepe myrtles for a while now, but have found them frustratingly un-photogenic.  Somehow the flowers just never end up looking like much.  For those of you who don’t live around these beautiful trees, they get quite large and bloom for months at a time.

One of the guys at the farmers market told me that these are beauty berries.  I’m pretty sure you can’t eat them, but they are beautiful.

My favorite by far is the banana flower.  It’s closer to maroon than magenta, but it’ll do.  If you look at the top, you can see my neighbors have bananas along with their flower.  My banana trees are much prettier, but I have no flowers and no fruit.  Still, I love seeing these flowers.  They are so odd, with that long chain that they grow on.  I have seen lots of different types of banana trees, but every one of them has the same flower in the same color.  It’s one of my favorite flowers.


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