And miles to go before I sleep . . .

Not really.  I finally made it back home.  This is what my last two days have looked like, interspersed with delicious food from Palm Beach.  Cuban and Italian food.  Delicious New York style bagels. And lots of driving.  Lots and lots of driving.  More frustratingly, lots of driving that didn’t end up where we wanted to be.  MJ did not get to go to the beach.  We never made it to Plato’s Closet’s bag sale.  We did make it to Havana, which was well worth the trip.  If you are ever in Palm Beach and want Cuban food, go to Havana.  I stupidly did not take pictures of the food. But I did get MJ to take some of the road as we were making our way home.  I directed her to the correct aperture setting and told her what I wanted, and she aimed and shot. I have a love/hate relationship with the road that took me home.  I’m home, and that’s a good thing.  I just wish my T didn’t live so far from me.


6 thoughts on “And miles to go before I sleep . . .

  1. I hate driving too. Especially long distance since the danger for falling asleep behind the wheel is ever so present and so real. Oh if only florida had good high speed rail :). Havana heh? Ill have to remember this place 🙂

    • Wouldn’t it be great to go to South Florida on the rail? Definitely remember Havana, and when you go, order about 1/2 as much as you think you want & you’ll get twice as much as you can eat.

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