Through a mosquito haze

I could tell you that I stayed at home today because I had so much excitement over the weekend, but the truth is, I did try to go to a trail today.  I even tried to take a few photos, but every time I stopped to snap a photo, I was instantly and literally covered in mosquitos.  My hands are so bitten up that I can barely stop scratching them for a second, and my face has welts all over it.  The ones on the larger parts of my body, such as legs and arms don’t bother me as much, but they are there.  I ended up taking about five photos, and I only liked one of them.

So what else could I do?  I headed down to the lake, of course, because who ever heard of mosquitos at a lake?  Well, they were there, but nowhere near as numerous as the ones on that trail.  A storm had recently passed, and the sky was still mostly grey, but the water was calm.  I can’t get enough of my lake and its beauty, and I hope that you, dear reader, feel the same.

If you really don’t want to see my lake anymore, you can always take a gander at this beautiful magnolia seed pod.  That thing is almost as gorgeous as the flower itself!


8 thoughts on “Through a mosquito haze

  1. WOW, natural Florida. Is this near the Suwanee? I will be visiting my parents in Cedar Key soon. I love when we go through walks through areas like this near the Suwanee, but never ever doing the summer. Hope your bites stop itching soon.

  2. Yeah, mosquitoes are horrible! I recently was attacked by a cilia mosquito (or something like that) the bugger was HUGE! I took a picture of him and wrote a blog about it lol. i was that impressed. Due to the mild winter, mosquitoes have waged their war against humanity, and at times it feels like they are winning Lol.
    I Love your lake. And the magnolia pods 🙂

    • I’ve been seeing those monsters around here ever since Debby came through. Forget the mild winter, I’m going to blame all the bugs on Debby!
      That lake is the main reason I ended up buying a house 7 miles from campus. It’s the perfect place to go when I need some peace.

  3. Oh now you are making my skin crawl and for all the beauty I see in your pictures, I could never visit there because I am allergic to mosquito bites. I really suffer because each and every one comes up swollen like an egg, weeps and goes nasty. I’m better off in a colder climate, I’m afraid. I think you were very brave to take those photos.

  4. Mosquitoes are usually around watery areas, but I guess mostly swamps (because they are kinda stagnant) and not lakes. By the way, I am never bored of your lake! ^_^

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