In the summertime

It seems like I’ve been sticking close to home an awful lot lately, and seeing the same things over and over, so I decided to stray a bit from my routine today.  Several months ago, I visited a park that I just happened to find on my way to another park that I never did find, and it was one of my favorite photo ops ever.  The main feature of Earl P. Powers Park is its boat ramp, but its beauty is in its natural diversity.

There are flowers and lily pads along the boat channel that leads out to Newnan’s Lake.

And things that fly, both large and small.

The lake itself is a sight to see, with marshy banks and an abundance of blooming lilies.

It is not a large park, and has no meandering trails, but it does have a boardwalk that brings you closer to the water.  And it has plenty of natural beauty with spaces for you to sit.


2 thoughts on “In the summertime

  1. Florida is a very special place, no doubt. There are things to see there that I have never seen. I love how nature seems to move at such a slow, leisurely pace until, of course, the crocodiles snap!

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