My favorite thing

Right now, this is my favorite thing in all of Florida.

It is working hard right now, with no time for a break.

It is getting old now, and may need to be replaced in the nearer future than I would like.

For now, though, it is going strong.

In case you have not figured it out yet, it is my A/C unit, aptly named Comfortmaker.

For all of you who are getting that heat that makes Florida look cool, and do not have such a beauteous thing in your yard, I am very, very sorry.  For all of you who have one, but do not have the power to make it work, again, I am deeply sorry.  I hope that you can all find places and ways to cool off and stay safe.

And for everyone, please remember that your pets need to be kept cool, too.  Don’t lock them out in this heat, or leave them in a car, and remember to refill their water often.  (I’m breaking my rules on this photo, and am reusing on old one).




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