Even though they weren’t completely red yet, I went out to pick one of my tomatoes today, just to make sure that the birds didn’t get them before I did.  The first one fell off into my hand, so I tried another and it did the same.  Then I was moving one to get to a slightly riper one behind it, and it fell off, too.  Three tomatoes!   And a jalapeno, too!

The nice thing about tomatoes is that they will ripen indoors.  Sure, it’s not quite the same as eating one still warm from the sun, but at least I get to eat them, not the birds.

Each of the tomatoes had some brown woody streaks on them.  My husband says that it’s sunburn, but it’s been raining almost constantly since they appeared.  Does anyone else have any suggestions as to what it could be and how to prevent it?  This one is the worst of them.

The jalapeno has some similar markings, but I’ve seen them like that in stores pretty regularly.

I really like the light that comes in my kitchen window, but for some of these shots, I wish I could get on the window side.   Since the only way to do that would be to either hover in the air above the sink, and then I would get in the way of the light anyway, I settled for the side shots.

After a little while, I realized that I had some beautiful mint that I should include in this photo session.  I ran out and picked a few sprigs and tossed them in there.  They make the tomatoes look more complete.

The light shining through the leaves is gorgeous, isn’t it?

Completely off topic, but too pretty not to share, this little bluebird landed right in front of me today.  The Bluebird of Happiness, maybe?


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