Sweetwater surprise!

First, let me apologize for the quality of my photography today.  Last night I took a few shots when the light was dim and I changed my settings, then forgot to change them back.  I should have noticed when I was shooting, but I didn’t.

As Alex and I were walking along the trail in Sweetwater Preserve, we saw tracks in the sand.  There were deer prints, which are fairly easy to spot, and there were dog prints, which are also pretty clear in the sand, but not in my photos.  He said that the other print there was a bobcat.  I was hoping to see the animals themselves, but we didn’t.

We walked along the trail, up and down little hills, and everything was summer green.  There weren’t really many focal points, just green, green, green.  Just as I was commenting that it was a little bit boring, Alex said, “Gator!”  I looked around, thinking he was joking, but then saw it, right in the middle of the trail, facing the other direction.

Alex made  a noise, and the gator turned his head slightly, switched his tail, and hissed loudly, but stayed right where he was.  He wasn’t the biggest gator I’ve ever seen, but he wasn’t tiny, either.  We stood there for a while, and he gradually stopped hissing and ignored us, and Alex told me to go through the wooded area to get around in front of him, while he stayed behind him to be able to distract the gator if he made a move.

I was a little nervous about this whole operation, but I got around him, snapping a few pictures on the way.  You can see from the shot below just how close Alex was to him!  Once I got around and it was obvious that the gator wasn’t all that interested in us, Alex made his way around and we went on our merry way, my longing for adventure well satisfied.


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