Drops of Jupiter

I walked the planets in the rain today, stopping to visit each one in order.  To be honest, I started at the sun, which is not a planet at all, but which is the start of our solar system, and the Solar Walk (which I called the Planet Walk yesterday).


From there, I checked on Mercury, which is quite close to the sun, and saw Halley’s Comet at it’s near orbit.


Venus, Earth, and Mars follow in close order.


That’s when things really spread out.  It’s a long way to Jupiter from Mars, and again to Saturn and Uranus.


Neptune’s orbit is far, far away, but not too far for Halley’s Comet to visit before swinging back towards the sun.

Then there’s poor Pluto, alone and ousted from the planetary club.  Formed in drab gray, Pluto hardly shines at all.

If you want to walk the solar system, these are along 8th Avenue in Gainesville (you know, the road that’s so important it gets to go under 13th instead of crossing it), and are spaced to scale.  It is 0.9 miles from the sun to Pluto, with the beautiful park land behind the sculptures.


5 thoughts on “Drops of Jupiter

  1. Hi Pegi! Back in Maryland after my whirlwind Gville trip. Love this series I remember when they put these markers up. Great meeting you and will call on my next visit

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