All the small things

Since it’s still raining and I have some nice shots leftover from yesterday that are still within my self-imposed 24-hour posting limit, I’m going to cheat a little today.  Yeah, I know, I’ve done it before, but I always feel that I have to disclose it when I do.  Maybe the rain will let up, or maybe I’ll get around to creating something for this week’s photo challenge and I’ll do another post later.  Or maybe I won’t.

Mushrooms large and small were popping out all over, sometimes hiding in logs.


Other times growing out in the open, protected only by the leaves of nearby plants.  Although many mushrooms are white, it always amazes me how varied they are.

Of course, not all of them are white.  These little pink lovelies frosted with white fuzz grow along some of the downed logs along the trail.

Other fungi grow along the logs, always there, but refreshed by the rains.  Some look like oyster beds, with rows and rows of rounded nodes clinging to the logs.  Others grow singly, or in small groups, showing their own stripes and patterns.

The morning glories were still blossoming when I arrived, radiant in the forest light.  Their delicate trumpet is so fine that the interior color shows through from behind when the light hits them.

These beautiful blue bells grow in abundance along the spaces where the creek runs.  Although there are many of them, with the swampy ground and swift creek, it’s hard to reach them right now.  Very delicate flowers bloomed on trees along the path, bright in the dim light.  The white ones look almost like a child’s drawing.

My favorite of all is this little white beauty, found here and there among the grasses.


8 thoughts on “All the small things

  1. Nice shots, as usual. . . I find my comment to be repetitive, but it’s not my fault that you always post awesome stuff!
    By the way, I wanted to ask about this “self-imposed 24-hour posting limit” thing. . . Do you think it annoys readers when one posts 3-4 times per day? I’ve been wondering about this, lately, and I need an opinion 🙂

    • I think it depends on what you post. Sometimes, if it’s a bunch of stupid LOLZ cat pics, it’s annoying. Of course, in my own case, and yours, it’s just more fabulous than ever!

      • I wouldn’t post things I come across the Internet on my blog, I have Facebook for that kind of spam =P
        Speaking of “your case and mine”, I need to do some photography before I start going insane =D
        Thanks for your advice! =)

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