Debby’s comin’ in for a landing

Yesterday I read that Gainesville is still in a drought.  That’s an interesting idea, because it sure doesn’t look like a drought out there to me, but I’m no expert.  Maybe today’s rain from TS Debby will be enough to end that drought.  It did stop raining this morning long enough to let my garden drain fairly well, and I took that opportunity to go adventuring


Just because I loved that the creek was wild last time I went, I headed back over to Hoggetowne Creek to see what there was to see, and I was not at all disappointed.  Apparently this lovely trail was completely covered in water just hours before I got there.  Florida’s soil has an amazing ability to drain, which is why you may hear of us getting ridiculous rain totals without anyone batting an eye.  What sounds like a flood in other parts of the country is just a normal afternoon shower around here.

Not that Debby is by any means a normal afternoon shower.  The highest water may have drained away, but there was plenty left.  Every little trail I went down was blocked by the creek, which is normally very shallow, and runs along about 5 or 6 feet below the banks, like it is in Trailblazers and Reflections at Dusk.  Today, you wouldn’t be able to tell that it had those nice steep banks at all.

At the trails across the street, it was impossible to even come near where the downed bridge was last time I was here.  The water was rushing wildly, almost up to street level.  As I was walking along the sidewalk to get back to my car, I saw a group of guys who had apparently been swimming in the crazy water.  I won’t recommend doing that, because it is dangerous, but they looked like they had a blast.

It’s amazing how many people love to get out in this weather.  I ran into more people out today than I have ever encountered on these trails and sidewalks before, including many runners taking advantage of the relatively low temperatures at midday.  8th Avenue is a popular place to run, flanked as it is by green spaces and the Planet Walk.

It’s a good thing I turned back when I did; the rain came just as I got back to the car.


2 thoughts on “Debby’s comin’ in for a landing

  1. Just looking at all that excess water makes me drool, since we are in the opposite situation. Extreme drought covers a fourth of our state with the majority of the rest in the severe category. I’ll just come here to your page and soak up the moisture. 🙂

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