Garden of mine

The other day my mother expressed disappointment that I didn’t have more of my garden on my blog.  Well, I had been trying to avoid boring you to tears, but as a dutiful daughter and an excited novice gardener, I decided it was time to update you on my gardens.

What I am most excited about is the new growth on my lime tree.  All of a sudden, it has grown to about twice the size it was when I bought it, probably because of all the rain we have finally been getting.  The leaves smell just like limes, which doesn’t help my impatience with it at all.  There aren’t any flowers on it yet, which is disappointing, but it is obviously in good health.

Well, other than this little guy who is eating it.  How can Jiminy Cricket betray me like that?

Everything in my mojito garden is growing well, really.  The flowers are gorgeous and keep on blooming, and the mint is growing like crazy.  This is the fist time I have ever had any luck growing the stuff, so I’m incredibly excited about that.  I’m going to have to find some good recipes for all this mint now, other than mojitos of course.

Out back in my salsa garden, I’ve had a little heartbreak.  The gorgeous tomato I posted last week disappeared within a day of being perfectly ripe.  Then the one next to it disappeared as well.  The tomatoes that are left are all very green now, so it will be a while before I finally get one.  Apparently I should have a net over them to keep the birds away.  Or dogs, since I wouldn’t put tomato thievery past Layla.

Of the four beefsteak plants I put in my garden, only one has any fruit on it, and that one has only one tomato.  I was looking forward to having some nice tomatoes for sandwich slices, but it doesn’t look like I will get many.  Since they’re being treated the same as the romas, I really don’t know why they aren’t growing as well.  But the one I have is quite a little beauty, isn’t it?


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