Floating flowers

When I was a little girl, I was a member of the Camp Fire Girls, which was sort of like the Girl Scouts, but we sold peanuts and peanut brittle instead of cookies.  One of the requirements was that we choose a Native American name for ourselves from their official book of names.  I don’t remember how to spell or pronounce my chosen name, but I do remember that it meant Diamond Water Lily, because my birthstone is a diamond and I liked the pictures of water lilies.  Since we had to design a patch with our name in pictures, it made sense to pick something pretty.

Yesterday, when I met up with Emily from Bella Remy Photography, we went back to the Camellia Cafe that sits between the Butterfly Exhibit and the Harn, and found water lily trenches filled with fantastic blossoms and inviting leaves.  I still love these flowers as much as I did when I chose them for may name way back in grade school.

They come in such brilliant colors that it always amazes me when I see illustrations of white water lilies in children’s books.  Of course, white ones are pretty, too, but why shy away from color?

Can’t you just imagine Jeremy Fisher dangling his pole off the side of these leaves, shaded by a brilliant pink water lily as he tried to catch his dinner?  He was not to be found in this pond, although I looked hard to find him.

It isn’t just the flowers that are so beautiful, either.  The leaves, so big and brilliantly green are almost as pretty as the blossoms.  They bring out the architect in me, making me think of sheltering roofs and structural bases.  Imagine those leaves enlarged and layered to become a roof system, with each leaf shedding rain to the next, waterfalling along the veins, until the water pours off into an awaiting pond filled with real water lilies.  What an amazing space that could be!


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