Blogger field trip!

Today I had the opportunity to meet fellow blogger, Emily, of Bella Remy Photography at the Florida Natural History Museum’s Butterfly Exhibit, which was my first time meeting another blogger and my first time at the Butterfly Exhibit.  I’m always a little worried that I’ll wander around lost when I meet new people, but our cameras made it pretty easy to find each other.


The first thing we saw when we walked into the exhibit was a toucan, who looked at us rather quizzically and posed for us.  That was when I realized that this would be about more than just the butterflies.


I have to admit, I really did love the challenge of capturing these fluttery creatures.  Some of them were quite nice about staying still, with their wings spread, especially these pale yellow and black guys (yeah, I skipped the identification card and know almost none of the names), and these iridescent ones with flashes of purple on their wings.

We got a little help from the volunteers, one of whom showed us how this guy scares away predators by showing an owl face.

A lot of them were much harder to capture.  They either never sat still, or they refused to show their bright colors.  Fortunately, I kind of like a challenge, so I stalked my favorite ones.


The birds were amazing.  There were orange and black African weaver birds, which are only this brightly colored during mating season.  Quails hid behind the plants, where they were almost impossible to capture, but a couple of them came out to eat along with these wonderful little finches (I’m pretty sure they’re finches).  The lovebird sat out where everyone could admire it, and of course, admire it I did.

I’m not sure what all the flowers are, either, but there were many beautiful ones.  The volunteers told us that they need to make sure that there are flowers blooming all the time.  Whenever they stop blooming, they pull them out and put in new ones to ensure that the butterflies always have nectar.


17 thoughts on “Blogger field trip!

  1. Wow, what a beautiful butterfly! The Natural History museum with the Butterfly Exhibit is such an amazing place. I went there a few times, hoping to capture the beauties, but they wouldn’t sit still – maybe I wasn’t patient enough. Very nice pictures!

  2. Fabulous, fabulous shots !! I’m amazed how you went through your photos so quickly! I really enjoyed meeting you yesterday and loved our photo field trip. Look forward to more soon! Emily…aka Bella Remy

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