Well, it seems that it’s time to get my daughter a good camera of her own.  It started out innocently enough; we were sitting at a light at the railroad tracks and I handed it over, hoping she’d get a shot I wanted.  But then she kept it.  All the way to our kickboxing class (bought on Groupon and strangely enough, kickless), she took the shots she wanted to take.  Sure, I occasionally pointed out a cloud that might be worth capturing, but mostly, she had control.

She does make a pretty good guest photographer.  I love her use of the mirror here, even if I wish there was something other than a Hummer reflected there.  She worked hard to get this shot of a car, which would have been better if there hadn’t been a car between us.  It still came out pretty well.

The best part was when we discovered the sunset and she saw the giant flag at Santa Fe (no longer Community) College on the way home.  She took a few shots from the road, but I parked the car to find a better vantage point and we wandered around the floor.  We never did find the perfect vantage point, but we had fun trying.  And I think a few of the shots worked out quite nicely.


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