The radio plays that forgotten song


Over on Waldo Road, down by the Super Wal-Mart, right next door to the trailer park, there is an old radio station building.  The building has been vacant for years. but is now up for sale.  This is the kind of building I would love a chance to help renovate, with clean but unusual lines.  It still has great appeal, even after all these years of neglect.


Great sweeps of windows curve around the corners, but rather than panes and frames, these are fashioned from glass block.  I know I’ve mentioned my love for the stuff before, although it is very difficult to use without dating a building and even making it look cheap.  This building is dated, though, so the glass blocks just bring out the retro nature of the curves.  The windows themselves are right next to the parking lot, with an uninspiring view of Waldo Road, so the glass blocks add a layer of privacy while allowing plenty of Florida’s sun to flood the rooms inside.

This little radio station is a perfect example of why masonry is such a good choice for building in Florida.  If it had been wood framed, the humidity and storms would have caused serious structural damage by now, but masonry can stand up to Florida’s weather while helping to keep cooling costs low.  The roof has probably sprung a leak or two, but the structure is still strong.  Peeling paint and overgrown plants are the most serious external issues it faces.

Of course, I peeked in that door.  I know that there is some serious work to be done in there, but it would be so much fun to plan and do that work that I almost wish I had an excuse to buy it myself.  Alas, I have no need of office space, and no extra money lying around to buy a building for the heck of it.  But if you do buy it, please call me and let me help renovate it!

I realize that this sounds like an advertisement, but it really isn’t.  I have no realtor’s license, nor do I get a kickback from any realtors.

But I will plug my own brand new photography website!  I’ve set it up so that you can buy high-quality prints of my photographs from this blog.  Please stop by and browse my galleries at!  I’m still working on adding content, so if you don’t see something you want, let me know.


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