Weekly Photo Challenge: Friends

For some reason I thought this would be an easy challenge, I would just take the dogs outside and get a photo of them together.  The problem is, they don’t just sit next to each other and look happy.  They run around the yard, jump at each other, and play fight.

Then one runs to one side of the yard, the other goes to the other corner, and they run at each other.  It does not look friendly.  It looks rather vicious a a matter of fact.

But I am happy to report to you, my dear reader, that my Sadie has healed from her surgery and no longer has to wear the cone of shame.  Isn’t she cute without it?  My beautiful Layla has to get in on the photo op, too.

In the end, the tails tell the tale.

I’m so punny today.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Friends

  1. Beautiful images. So true in many ways. Even humans can be ferocious sometimes but if its a true friend, we find ways to patch ways, forgive , understand and help each other mend the wounds. That is what friends do. Love the pics.

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