Vines, vines, everywhere there’s vines

There is a reason why the old Tarzan movies were filmed not far from here.  Where else would you find vines like this for Tarzan and his crew to swing around on?

I’m not sure that there’s anywhere in Africa that looks like Florida, but we do have an awful lot of jungly places around here.  The brown of the trees and the vines stands out so beautifully against the green of the trees, with enough contrast to show up even in black and white.

Beyond the jungle colors, some of these vines are contorted into amazing shapes that always intrigue me.  They may be almost as thick as a tree trunk, but curled around themselves to form tunnels and curlicues.

Of course, the vines around here aren’t confined to just the nice, big swinging kinds.  There are also the grapevines, the morning glory vines (I finally understand why my dad never let me plant the wretched things), and flowering vines.  They all seem to like climbing up oak trees.


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