Rainy day


Today I have a guest photographer, just because my daughter grabbed my camera that I had not charged up in a while and started shooting as I was driving down the road.  It’s very interesting to see what your kids think is worth taking photos of.  Most of the shots were similar to the one above, a rainy road.

A few shots of the tattoo parlor, which does have some interesting art on it.

And one of the National Vacuum store, just because this is my daughter and she shares my love of classic cars.  These two seem to have been restored for looks only, since they don’t ever move.  That’s a bit of a shame, but they are pretty.

As we approached Gator Garage, we noticed several emergency vehicles stopped there.  That was important enough to use the rest of the camera’s battery life on.  She was going to take some shots of the police station to go with the fire engines, but the camera died.


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