There is water everywhere in Florida, even here in the interior, and it is something that we take very seriously around here.  Even when it is just a retention pond, care is likely to have been taken to make it attractive.  Often that includes fountains, which serve the dual purpose of beautification and helping to keep the mosquito population at bay.


At the Senior Recreation Center that has recently been built on the north side of town, right across from the WalMart that is being built on NW 34th, the retention pond has been planted with flowers and plants, the types that attract frogs and apparently spiders, both of which eat mosquitos.  Of course, they are also quite lovely, and the shallow water is very reflective.


The overall effect of the flowers in the lake is reminiscent of a watercolor painting, with strong verticals and puffs of color atop them.  When you move in a little closer, and the flowers become more obvious, there are moments of pure joy to be found.  Flowers bend toward the water, forming a near circle with their reflections.  Even the spent stalks retain a strong aesthetic that is nearly irrisistable.


Even closer, the flowers themselves become the story.  From a distance, they may all seem similar, but up close it is obvious that there are many different types of flowers blooming right now, each with a unique look.


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