Down came the rain and washed the spider out

Well, I wish I hadn’t Googled to try to come up with a title today, because not only did it not help with the title (my daughter came up with that), but it made me realize that everyone takes photos of spiderwebs with raindrops and posts them all over the interwebs.

My photos are different, though, because I took them in Florida!  Eh, maybe not so different, but I will proceed with the rest of the post as if I had never Googled at all.

When I went down to the lake today, I noticed that all around the dock there were spiderwebs that I had never noticed before.  Between each railing, all the way from one end to the next, beautiful orbs had been spun.  They have probably been there every day, but I didn’t see them until today because the silk is so fine it’s practically invisible.  The rain had caught in them, though, making them sparkle.

The larger webs were visible in this light, allowing their structure to be seen clearly, but some of them were so fine that the droplets were all that were visible, other than a fly or two that had been caught in the web.

Although I’m not a huge fan of them crawling on me, I appreciate spiders.  They like to eat the bugs that like to eat me, and they generally leave me alone, so I’m glad they hang around.  And of course, as you may have noticed, dear reader, I really, really love their webs.

The orbs are classically beautiful, but some of the nest ones are just as appealing, especially when highlighted by the things that fall into them.  In this case, the raindrops add texture and interest, but the other debris adds visual depth to the whole.  These webs have layers and depth that the orb webs are lacking, which appeals to the architect in me.

But the orb webs are still amazing in their precision and balance.  They are seldom actually symmetrical, but often feel as if they are.  The concentric rings and radiating lines create geometric patterns that humans have been trying to replicate for millennia, and that will continue to be a part of human design forever.  Shimmering drops of water that accentuate those lines just add to the incredible beauty.


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