Power to the planet!

All the times I have been to San Felasco Park (city not state), somehow I’ve missed that right at the entrance to the park is another nature sanctuary.  This one is maintained by the local utility company, GRU, and is part of their right of way for the power lines.  I don’t know if they get tax credits for doing this, or if it was a requirement by the city or county, or if they just are that dedicated to the environment, but I love that they’re doing it for whatever reason they have.

The power lines run along a path that’s perfect for running on.  There are probably all kinds of magnetic fields from those power lines that will eventually cause me and all the animals to have cancer, but I’m willing to take that risk.  This group of photos are  a good opportunity to remind you to look for the sun when you’re shooting outdoors.  The first shot, above, was shot toward the sun, which meant I could either get the clouds or the greenery, but not both.  When I turned around, the sun was to my back, allowing me to capture much of the color in both sky and foreground, although with much less drama.  As you can see, shooting into the sun can allow for some interesting effects, but you have to choose what you want to show.


Now back to the scenery.  What is most wonderful, of course, is the green space on either side of path.  On one side, San Felasco borders the path, while on the other, a waterway is surrounded by layers of vegetation.  I found myself drawn to the water side, partially because the water itself was so fascinatingly green from whatever is growing on it, but also because it is so layered.

Screens of ferns and dried grasses allow glimpses of the water, while trees draped with Spanish moss rise up toward the sky.

On the other side, trees grow thickly just outside of the confines of the park. I couldn’t capture him, but I did catch a glimpse of a wild turkey wandering just off the path on this side.  Did you realize that Florida is full of turkeys?  I always thought of them as a more northern bird, but I have seen many of them around Gainesville, and one day I will see one when I am prepared to capture a photo of it.  For now, these shots of trees will have to do.

And a couple of shots of birds on power lines, just because I like them.  Oh, and did you notice the sky full of rain clouds?  That makes me so very happy!


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