Sunset silhouettes

Florida is kind of known for beautiful sunsets, but I don’t think of the orange and red ones that you’ll see on postcards as the typical sunset.  It is the Easter-egg colored ones that I think of  Pastel blues and pinks and lavenders, with some orange and even yellow thrown in from time to time, that I think of as typical sunsets.  The bolder ones are beautiful and stunning, but the pastel ones have a quiet beauty that speaks to me.

Trees silhouetted against the pinks and blues echo deeply within my soul, calling to something within me that I cannot name.  There is something that aches in these scenes, a joy that I cannot quite reach.  When the evening is warm, with the wind blowing slightly as it is tonight, the trees on the sunset remind me of the larger world that is out there to explore, and make me restless.

Spring is a restless time anyway.  Someone suggested that the restlessness is really allergies making me edgy, but I chose not to believe that.  To me spring is a time for movement, a time to get away from here, wherever that may be.  Fall and winter are times for staying put, for enjoying the comforts of home, but spring was made for exploring.  That holds true even here in Florida, where the winters don’t really require much time indoors.

Spring will be over soon, and with it, my wild desire to just keep moving.  Summer will be here soon, and it will be time to sip cold drinks and relax in a hammock.  Or in the air conditioning, more likely.


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