Lush lake

The rains from last week’s storm have done wonders for the area.  The lake is almost up to normal levels again, with all of its secrets hidden in its depths again.

These branches just last week were almost entirely exposed.  Now they are almost entirely submerged, leaving just enough to retain their odd, sculptural quality.  With any luck, the rain patterns will continue, and soon they will be underwater again.

Everything is also so much greener than it was, which seems almost impossible.  The leaves have filled in thicker than ever, creating a thick, green canopy to shade from the ever hotter Florida sun.

Every day seems to bring more of a summer feel to it.  The boats that are stored down by the lake are nestled in the wild greenery of vines and palms, inviting the viewer to spend some time in recreation on the lake.

The sun setting through the trees makes everything feel golden, even a spider’s web.


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