Today: Weekly Photo Challenge

This challenge is a little too easy, since I always post photos from today, but this post is about today in a way that many of mine are not.  Whereas I could go to any of the trails I do any day, my post today will only happen today.  You see, today is the day my daughter is moving away, trying to find her way in the world in a city that may offer better opportunities than the ones in Gainesville.  She’s moving farther south, where there are many more jobs.  I’m so proud of her for taking such a big step, but I’m sad that she’s going so far from me.  I love having her close enough to see whenever I want to.

And I’m sad that she’s taking the green-eyed Koshka with her.

Her beautiful courtyard garden is also going with her, to a house where she will be able to plant them in the ground rather than keeping them all in Rubbermaid containers.  I went over to help her pack it all into the van, but I got a little caught up in documenting her leaving.  And hugging her and telling her how much I’ll miss her.

After all the boxes were packed and put in the van, I was wondering why it was so big.  Then we moved the plants in, and suddenly, it wasn’t so big.  Bananas, limes, lemons, oleander and so many others, all carefully put into the back of the moving van.  Leave it to my T to have the most beautiful moving van ever!


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