Where your flowers can bloom

After the rains, the flowers bloom as they never have before.  Red roses blossom with petals so thickly packed that each flower  seems like four.  These are roses that any florist would envy, but they are so much better growing in the sun, surrounded by their own greenery. Each time I step outside, I am greeted by their beauty, and amazed again that they bloom for me.

The chocolate rose blooms in front of the old maple tree, with garlands of Spanish moss hanging down to frame the unusual color.  The bright yellow center makes it look cheerful, while the rich scent of the flower is elegant and luxurious.  This rose is called a chocolate rose not only for the brown tinge to its petals, but for the scent itself, which is a classic rose mixed with rich chocolate.  It grows within the terrain that my showy pink rose has taken for its own, but the pink rose leaves this section bare when the chocolate is blooming.

Almost as beautiful as the flowers are the bright orange cherry tomatoes that are just about ready to be plucked from the plant and eaten, still warm from the summer sun. I am convinced that it is the warmth of the sun that makes a home-grown tomato worth eating.  Even the wonderful heirloom tomatoes from the farmers market never taste as good as a tomato picked and eaten straight from the garden on a hot summer day.

The green plum tomatoes still have some ripening to do, but already their plump thickness is inviting, making me dream of salads and sauces waiting to be made.  The shape of the fruit and the shimmer of their skin promise that the day they are eaten will be a day to rejoice.


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