Ode to Waffle House

The title is a little bit deceptive, since I have no intention at all of writing an ode tonight.  I am also going to give you a few more photos from Beryl, the Depression, just because that’s what is happening in Gainesville right now, and I am thoroughly enjoying it still.  Rain makes traffic look rather festive (yes, I realize that collection of cars is not really traffic).

Red lights really shine against the rain-darkened sky.

And then there is Waffle House.  I started out taking the photos because I liked the mood they evoked, but then I started thinking about Waffle House and that’s an entirely different subject.  As beautiful as the bright yellow sign looks in the darkened sky, it is nothing compared to the waffles to be found inside.

The love of Waffle House is apparently a Florida thing, since it seems that in most states they are reviled and denigrated.  I have heard them called dirty and greasy, but every one I have been in has been clean and delicious.  Maybe Floridians especially appreciate Waffle House because it is so often the first business up and running after a storm, offering something to eat besides Red Cross meals and MREs.  Or maybe it’s just because they’re better down here.

There is more to Waffle House than the waffles, which are wonderful, especially the pecan ones.  In fact, they are probably more popular for their hash browns, which you can order with an amazing assortment of toppings.  I like mine smothered and covered, that is, with onions and cheese, but you can order yours any way you want to.  Just make sure that the next time you’re in Florida, you do order them.



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