A taste of the tropics


Although it’s only May, the second tropical storm of the season is off the coast of Florida, offering our parched corner of the world a little relief.  We got a little bit of it today, and have more to look forward to.  I am always amazed by the power of a tropical storm, when even the outer bands of the storm are enough to make trees dance wildly in the wind.

The rain itself makes things seem so fresh, so clean, with the colors more pronounced than ever.  My little garden was bright as could be, with the marigolds looking out across the yard at the rain in the street.


The banana trees look like a perfect place for creatures to seek shelter from the storm, with those huge leaves, but this little fly chose a much smaller leaf to shelter him.  He was clinging to the underside of a leaf on my lime tree.

Even a beaten old baseball looks refreshed by the rain.


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