Forever and a day

That’s what today has felt like.  This post was supposed to be about cows in fields with their calves and flowers and a hawk being dive-bombed by a mockingbird.  However, I  somehow managed to leave the SD card out of my camera and I never noticed it until I got back home.  So, I went down to the lake to take some morning photos.  Some of them were beautiful, like this liquid landscape, but I didn’t run home to download them like I usually do.

Instead, I kept my camera with me all day, and added a few shots here and there, like this osprey flying against a smokey sky.

Yes, that’s right, a smokey sky.  Once again, there are wildfires all around, including one just a few miles from my house.  So close to my house, in fact, that the road to my house was closed for a while this afternoon.  Finding this out while nobody was home but the pets was scary, but fortunately, nothing came of it.  The road is re-opened, I am home, and the pets are all fine.

Before going home, I was downtown for a gallery opening, and when I stepped out of the gallery, the light was glorious!  The alley next to the gallery was transformed by the light shining through it.

The smoke that covered the city captured the colors of the sunset, magnifying their intensity, and spreading them out across the sky.  The sun itself shone through the haze, piercing it with its brilliance.

Every vantage point I found was better than the last one.  I was sure that the sun shining through the tree was the most perfect shot ever.

Then I saw the birds flying against the magnificent sky and was completely entranced by the view.

And then there is the way the color of the light transforms this ordinary white wall into an object of yearning, while setting off the green of the leaves.  This may be the perfect way to end a very, very long day.


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