I feel summer creeping in . . .

. . . and I’m tired of this town again.
Just last week I was bragging about the wonderful weather, and now here I am quoting one of Gainesville’s most famous sons, Tom Petty, in one of his less-than-flattering lines about Gainesville (if you don’t recognize the song, it’s Mary Jane’s Last Dance).  The bank flashed a 96 at me as I drove by this afternoon, which may or may not have been the official high.  It’s not going to be much cooler than that for months to come.

It’s a little hard to be motivated to hike much of a trail when it’s that hot.  It also means planning a little better, since the instant sweat that forms in the summer means that the clothes you wear to go to out in public probably aren’t what you want to wear on the trail.  And it’s good to have a towel in the car.  And lots of water.

With that said, I didn’t plan ahead.  Not only did I try to just fit Ring Park into my errands today, I did so while wearing makeup, including mascara.  Why?  Well, I’m trying hard to get used to wearing the stuff again, if for no other reason than to look like the adult I’m supposed to be.  Makeup can be one of the fun parts of being an adult, but it really isn’t advisable to wear much of it on a trail in the summer in Florida.  Or even the spring, although there’s not an awful lot of difference between the two seasons.

As soon as I got out of the car and my mascara melted into my eyes, nearly blinding me, I realized that I was not going to go far.  Instead of heading down the trail and through the woods, I chose to turn to the right and head straight for the Emily Ring Wildflower Garden, which is beautiful and close to the entrance of the park.  I don’t know what any of the flowers are named, but I know that the water flowing in this pool led to wonderous daydreams of cool water.


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