Unpainted lady

Along University Avenue, there are several old Victorians in varying states of repair.  Some are B&Bs, some are businesses, some are subdivided into apartments, and some are unoccupied.


As I drove by them today, I noticed that this one seemed unoccupied with an empty parking lot beside it, so of course I pulled in.  It is a beautiful house, full of wonderful details.  With the paint half scraped off, it is easy to see that these are real wood details, individually carved.

For the most part, it is in excellent shape.  The landscaping has taken over a little bit, as it is wont to do in Florida and a board or two is missing from the porch, but those are relatively minor.

Doors now are often just bought from a big-box store, with only minor thought given to the statement they make, but when this house was made, they were crafted with care and attention.  The one on this house is no exception; although it is not ornate, it is beautifully detailed, and makes a statement.


Since it seemed to be unoccupied, perhaps even unowned, I had no hesitation in climbing the stairs to the porch to take a few shots on and from the wonderful porch.

Then I noticed a light on inside the house.  Since nobody seemed to mind me being there, I kept on taking photos.  The light did give a certain message, though, and one that I was glad to see.  This is one lady that will be painted again.


One thought on “Unpainted lady

  1. Wonderful post, love the house! It is so easy to imagine yourself sitting on the front porch. Nice to see that someone fell in love with this building, it is a diamond in the rough.

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