Looking down

I have always had a tendency to look down, which has caused others to make interesting psychological claims ranging from a lack of confidence or excessive diffidence to snobbishness, and all manner of things in between.  There are times when I look down to make sure I place my feet surely, and there are times when I look down because to look someone squarely in the face would mean smelling their breath, but mostly, I look down because I like the rhythm of movement.

When I start on a run, I will almost always watch my feet, counting cadence, until I have my rhythm going, and if I lose that rhythm for any reason, I will start again, looking at my feet.

On a trail, I will look down to see what type of creatures I may expect to meet up with.  That may sound like I am some sort of tracker, but really, all I am looking for is whether I will meet humans, dogs, or wild animals.  If all I see are very large paw prints, I will probably turn around.  If I see dog prints without humans, I will be a bit more wary.

Then again, sometimes I look at the ground just because I like what I see there.


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