I didn’t mean to do it.  I really had no intention of beforehand, but tonight, I cheated on my dogs.

It all started when we were on our way to the store and I was looking for some new territory to photograph.  We were driving past this park and I commented that it was too bad that there wasn’t much interesting at it, when my daughter exclaimed that there was!  There was a squirrel tree that someone had put a door on, and it was the cutest thing in the world.  So I stopped and we found out that someone had removed the door.  We saw a woodpecker, which could have become my subject.


But there was a dog park there.  I didn’t realize it was there at all, although I’ve driven by this park many, many times.  It’s a really nice dog park, too.  No big, stinky retention ponds grace the center of the park.  There are trees everywhere, and mulch on the ground and even a fireplug in the middle of it.

I was admiring the park itself, when I saw this dog.

And then this one.

Oh, and who could resist this face?

Then my daughter went inside because she couldn’t resist the dogs.  The two dogs, three cats, and a rabbit aren’t enough for her, she has to play with other people’s dogs, too.  I didn’t get inside, but I did have to pet a couple.

And take some photos.  I’m sorry, Layla & Sadie, I promise it won’t happen again.


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